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What is MUSER?

MUSER offers live streaming services specializing in live music concerts.
Streamers can not only live stream their content worldwide, but they can also monetize their live stream by using functions including “pay-per-view tickets*” and “social tipping with exclusive fan benefits.”
*Viewing tickets can also be free of charge.


01. High monetization capability

MUSER’s exclusive system, “social tipping with exclusive fan benefits (patent applied),” will realize high profitability addition to ticket revenue. In live streaming, the amount of non-ticket revenue makes a huge difference to the profitability of the event. There isn’t much difference in ticket revenue between distribution services for the same artist, but there is great difference in non-ticket revenue. Try MUSER and find out all about it.

02. Distribution support team

MUSER has its own distribution support team.
We offer one-stop full-support service from the performance stage to distribution system to those who need streaming equipment and know-how. Support costs are included in the system usage fee, so your budget worries can be greatly reduced.

03. Dedicated channel *Scheduled to start this fall

Streamers will possess their personal exclusive distribution channel and create personalized channels based on their creative ideas. Unlike performance-based live distributions, live streaming from a personal channel allows you to increase channel followers and stock up your content, and it also helps you strengthen your brand and fan base as your dedicated media.

Steps to creating your show with MUSER

Feel free to contact us via our Contact Form. The contact form can be accessed by clicking “CONTACT"located at the bottom of our webpage.
Once receiving your inquiry, our team member will contact you back to set-up a meeting for details and any questions.
On your selected date,digital tickets will be sold on MUSER’s website.
*Digital tickets will be ready in 2 days after the meeting at the earliest.
Streaming test will be conducted between our team at venue and remote member to check the connection.
Our live production team will help you create the best livestream experience!
Concert revenue will be reported and payment will be made at the end of next month after your show.