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What is MUSER?

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MUSER offers live streaming services specializing in live music concerts.
You can enjoy domestic live performances as well as live performances from overseas while staying home.
You can also collect “Artist Cards,” which are given for every 500 “YELLs” (virtual currency used at MUSER) you send out, and exchange them with various exclusive benefits only available at MUSER.

What is YELL?

YELL is digital currency used within this service to “purchase tickets,” “send tips to artists,” and “purchase artist cards.” The minimum recharge amount is 100 YELLs (100 yen).

What are Artist Cards?

Artist Cards are digital cards issued by each artist. You can receive one for every 500 YELLs you send.
You can exchange them with special gifts when you collect the required number of cards* for each gift.
*The number of cards required varies depending on artists and gifts.

How to Receive Artist Cards

Method 1.

Send YELLSs to artists while you watch their live streams and receive one card for every 500 YELLs you send.

Method 2.

You can purchase a card at “the card market” any time for 500 YELLs.

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